El Brigade Dengue

Now it's mosquitoes we have to worry about.

They're not only bothersome, they could be dangerous if they carry dengue fever. Usually found in the tropics, there are two versions of the fever, with one--the hemorrhagic variety--that can be  fatal. The other variety makes you ache all over.  Ache so bad it is dubbed "breakbone" fever.

There are two ways to avoid dengue fever, which is spread only by mosquitoes, not human to human. The first is eradication.

When we lived in a suburb of Detroit, the city sprayed for mosquitoes. First, however, they warned everyone to get their cars under cover or in the garage.  That was Detroit for you, a Detroit that always worried about cars first.

In another state, they warned everyone to keep their kids and pets indoors while an airplane sprayed the city.

Here, I don't think we have had any warnings, although we did see the Brigade Dengue truck yesterday. And, last night, late, they sprayed the pueblo, going street by street.

The Brigade Dengue also sent a clipboard brigade into the city, reportedly to survey properties for standing water.  We weren't home, so we have some sort of a code chalked on the front of our house. No one seems to know what it means, so I won't worry about it.

That is step one.  The second is to avoid the mosquitoes, by wearing long pants and long sleeves (no way, not in our 105 degree heat index weather).  Or, by using repellent.  Pass the Autan! It "protege contra picaduras de insectos y  cuida la piel." Or, it protects against insect bites and protects the skin.

So, mosquitoes ... yes, something to worry about.

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