Malecon has the blues

San Pancho had a beautiful malecon on the beach, courtesy of a development company that added a mural, plants, lamp posts, benches, even changing rooms. For a year, they watered the flowers, trimmed the trees, swept the leaves. Yes, it was beautiful. Past tense.

Since the development company turned it over to the pueblo, to San Pancho, no one has been taking care of it. So, with no one to protect, or clean, or even just maintain it, the malecon is no longer beautiful.

A lamp post broke off last week. Vandalism? Rust? I don't know. And, earlier, the changing rooms were destroyed. Vandalism, for sure.

But the latest incident is neither rust nor vandalism. Someone painted the concrete base that the figure of San Francisco stands on. And they painted it a very dark blue. Someone even started to paint some of the concrete planters blue.

Thinking of the future, when the paint cracks and fades, when we can no longer see stone or concrete, I can only hope that the paint can be, and will be, removed.

Frankly, it is ugly. And this town, that heavily relies on tourism, deserves better.

And, if you're the ones that painted it ... shame, shame on you.

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