Manejese con amor

How much does food cost? 

That's the most frequently asked question when friends ask about Mexico. And, of course, it varies. Do we buy it in San Pancho at a small tienda or from a street vendor? Or shop the big guys like Costco and Walmart?

We shop everywhere. And, once in awhile you find unbelievable bargains. Here's our latest one. Bought in Costco, but grown in Mexico.

Toronja Roja. With the words "manejese con amor" on the box. Handle with love. 

A case of red grapefruit. Seven kilos of grapefruit. Eighteen, count 'em, eighteen beautiful, big, delicious, juicy red grapefruit. The cost? Just 40 pesos, about $3 in USDollars. Some 16 cents each. Today's big bargain. Well, one of today's big bargains.

Locally, on the street, today, I bought half a kilo of strawberries for $20 pesos. Or, about a USDollar and a half for just more than a pound. Another bargain? I think so, although I don't know what they're paying in New England this time of year.

Now, I'm waiting for mango season. They fall from the trees here in San Pancho. But I'm too embarrassed to go out and gather them up like my Mexican neighbors do. I'll wait and buy them from the fruit lady at her stand up the street.

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