Bumper cars on Tercera del Mundo

Okay, I did it. I demolished the bumper on our car.

Thanks to the building of a new Tercera del Mundo (the main street in San Pancho), I ripped that sucker right off. Well, not totally off. Just enough off to make the parking lights point down at the street. Just enough so the car scrapes on every bump in the road. Just enough so the bumper isn't safely attached to the car.

Construction crews removed the old pavement in a three block stretch at the end of our street. They scraped it pretty smooth, so you could drive on the dirt. Then, one morning, there was a flood in the dirt part.

I drove through the water and at the end of the dirt, drive smack into what was left of Tercera del Mundo, where they hadn't removed any of the street. The dirt being significantly lower than the concrete caused me to, as I said, demolish the bumper.

Do I feel stupid? Yes. Did I have any choice if I wanted to drive to anywhere? No. Is it easy to fix? Well, yes, if you like buying a totally new bumper which, with paint, comes to just under the deductible on the insurance. Of course.

I was reading the book "No Time for Tact" the other day. Author Larry Winget wrote:

"Remember that everything that happens to you causes you to grow in some way--even the lousy stuff. In fact, especially the lousy stuff. Be thankful for the lesson even when you find it hard to be thankful for the lousy stuff that caused it."

Normally, I'd find this dumb advice. How does a lousy bumper ruined on a lousy road make me thankful for the lousy stuff Winget talks about? I don't know.

But, because it is Thanksgiving week, I'll think about it. Maybe I can be thankful it happened. But I doubt it.

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