Christmas ... in July?

Mexicans love paperwork. Copies. Everything in duplicate. Or, triplicate.

All proved once again when I went to renew our Post Office Box in Bucerias, about 25 miles south of San Pancho, last week.

With money in hand, I announced my purpose. I had my three hundred pesos (about $23 USD) for the year, in the exact amount, knowing that Mexican businesses and office never have change.

The postal guy pointed to a small sign above the mailboxes. The deadline was the week before, but he would allow me to renew my box. With, of course, my passport or FM3 visa, and a bill from the electric or phone company to prove where my house is.

A note for readers north of the border. We do not get mail delivery in San Pancho. So, I wanted this mail box. All the information was in their computer, but that was not sufficient. We drove home and back again. An hour round trip. 

He looked at me, at my FM3, and at my electric bill. "I need copies," he said. "You can get them across the highway." A second note: this highway is two lanes in each direction with laterals on both sides.

"Nothing on this side of the highway?"

"Nothing." Aha! He noticed my cane and he himself went to the store across the highway for copies! Unbelievable!

It took many, many more minutes for him to fill out the forms in the computer, sign them, in duplicate of course, and make copies of a receipt, in triplicate. 

But, I have the mailbox: Apdo 157, Bucerias, Nayarit MX 63732.

Send me a letter. Just to see if I get it. We got some Christmas cards last week. So there is hope. But the post office has bundles and boxes of undelivered mail. You would not believe how many piles and parcels. 

At this rate, Christmas cards will still be coming in July.

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