Will they go home to roost?

Opened my office door the other day just in time to see a chicken flying down the hall ... chased by a large golden dog!

I grabbed the dog, put him in the office, closed he door and went to find Curt.

"What's going on," he asked.

"There's a chicken in the house, in the front hall."

"A chicken?"

"Yes, a chicken."

Well Curt grew up with chickens and, unafraid, went to look.  "It's not a chicken. It's a rooster."

"Chicken, rooster, I want it out of the house."

Curt, using his best youthful, chicken-chasing techniques, chased the bird back down the hall, out into the garden. After a short while, with the bird enjoying our yard, Curt grabbed him.

And tossed him over the fence.

Alas, the rooster likes us. The next afternoon he returned to enjoy the garden and our tall wall. 

Then, went to wherever roosters go to roost.

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