Two Rudy's in My Life

This month of June is birthday month for "my" two Rudys. One is our grandson; one our godson.

Rudy is our youngest grandson and he turns 3 next week.  RudyToo was 2 last week.  They both got trucks from us for their birthdays. Rudy, a garbage truck that he'd been eyeing in the local toy store. RudyToo, a CAT dump truck, the only affordable toy truck the area Walmart offered.

That's about where the similarities end.

RudyToo (we don't call him that in real life, just when we are differentiating between the two) was born prematurely in the local hospital, sent home less than 24 hours later, and barely made it through his first two days because he couldn't suckle. Seeing that he was seriously ill, in danger of dying before he consumed his first meal, we called our favorite Vallarta hospital and said we were on our way and to be ready!

I'll never forget that hour ride, with RudyToo so weak he didn't raise an arm or leg, didn't make a noise, didn't open his eyes. To make a long blog shorter, I'll just write that Cornerstone Hospital and their doctors worked their magic. Today, he's probably the healthiest two year old in the pueblo. 

Rudy, on the other hand, arrived in a wonderful hospital near Boston and weighed in at a healthy 9 pounds 5 ounces.  Today, he lives in a comfortable four bedroom home in an upscale Boston suburb. Playroom, laundry room. Three bathrooms. Surrounded by expensive toys an more children's books than he'll ever be able to read.

RudyToo lives in a small squatters shack along the river. Dirt floors. Tarp over the roof. No washing machine, no stove, no kitchen sink. Basically, nothing. One room. Two double beds. A plastic table. Two chairs. The oldest refrigerator I've ever seen (maybe it cools stuff, maybe it's a pantry). And a fan. Not a book in the house. 

Both of the Rudys have parents that love them. Rudy's parents are both professionals, college grads. Rudy has one sister, 6, and a baby brother or sister on the way. RudyToo, now 2, has a sister, 3, and two brothers, 4 and 9. RudyToo's father can't read. 

So, we're Grandparents to Rudy and Copadres (godparents) to RudyToo. (More about that another day). We're lucky to have both of them in our lives. It's just the contrast that bothers me.

I know life isn't fair. But, I wish that RudyToo could have the same opportunities in life as Rudy.  Of course he won't. But if he did …..

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