Count Your Change

It happened again, just as it happens all too frequently.

Not here in San Pancho, I hasten to add. But in surrounding towns and, especially, at gas stations.

Last night, at a drug store, I spent $134 pesos and gave the clerk a 500 peso bill.  My change should have been 366 pesos.  I received 126.

As soon as the 126 pesos were in my hand, my 500 bill went into the cash register, the 134 disappeared from the cash register's face, and she started to walk away.

"Mi cambio," I said. And she opened the cash register, took the 500 and went to get change.  

I got the 200 pesos owed me ... and some more change. But was still short 20 pesos. Because I stood there with my hand out, my change in it, asking for the bill itself, she dropped the other 20 in my hand.

This scam usually happens at gas stations.  So always count your change there.

Come to think of it. Just always count your change.

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