Goodbye, Gecko

Chica, the semi-Siamese, is eating a gecko. Funny thing. I don't care. We have a lot of geckos, so even though this is one of the longer ones, and a beautiful green, I don't care.

We have a lot of creatures here in San Pancho. Friends are bothered by the local version of raccoons. Other friends have rats. ln San Miguel we went so far as to (forgive me) poison the squirrels and the fire ants.

Here in San Pancho ... mostly geckos, frogs, crabs (large and small); the baby opossum in the pool; the huge (well, huge to me) iguana in my office. Five scorpions in our two and a half years in San Pancho. Not bad.

But. The exterminator comes next week. We have several palapas--high pointed roofs made of palm leaves. And last night was the last straw. (Last palm leaf?)

Sitting in my arm chair, watching the tv and kaboom! Something fell out of the palapa. A lizard of the type not seen in our San Pancho house before. Chubby. Grey. Curtito pooh-pood my scream as it ran under his chair.

An hour later ... he leaped out of his arm chair yelling "It's running down my leg." Another lizard, out of the palapa into his lap.

Like I said. Chica eating the gecko doesn't bother me. But ... the exterminator comes next week.

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