Sometimes You Just Can't Help Stupid

If you call American Express with a question or a problem and "Bambi" answers, hang up. I can't even explain her ... it would take too many words. But anyone with the name of Bambi probably doesn't have all the answers. Or, any answers.

Today ... another young woman out-stupided Bambi. A phone call, on our vonage (Boston) number:

Hello ...

"Hi, I'm calling from the Boston Globe to see if you'd like to subscribe to the Globe. We've lowered the price to $7.75 a week. We can start home delivery right away. Where do you live?"

I'm in San Pancho. Mexico.


Yes, I am in Mexico!

"Would you like to start a subscription?"

I don't think you would deliver a Globe to Mexico.

"Let me check with my supervisor." (60 seconds of quiet waiting).

"No, she tells me we don't have any carriers there."


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