Where is the darn stove?

We're supposed to get a new stove. Well, new, but a replacement for our new stove.

In March we bought a new, expensive, Bosch, 6 burners, beautiful silver and black. It was installed in April. And then, the problems started.

Servicemen replaced two thermostats, repaired the starter, and the stove was still a dud. Several calls got more service people, but no repairs.

Set the oven for 350 degrees (about 180 C) and the temperature could be 350 one minute, 150 ten minutes later, 500 in half an hour, back down to 300. So you either undercooked or overcooked everything. Plus staying in the kitchen to try to adjust the dial as the temperature moved up and down by itself.

Last straw. Three weeks ago the oven sent a huge fireball out into the kitchen. I am not exaggerating. HUGE! Last Sunday it tried to send another one, but the oven door was closed so we just heard a BOOM.

Don't even ask about the burners. 

After the several service calls, or non-service calls, and after the fireball, we said we wanted a replacement. Bosch and the store agreed and ... maybe stupidly, we paid extra for an even fancier Bosch.

The new stove was delivered last Saturday afternoon.

BUT, once it was plugged into electricity and attached to gas, you couldn't turn the electric broiler in the oven off and you couldn't ignite the gas. 

Take it away. We don't want it. And after a propina (tip) the two guys left with the stove, saying they would bring another Saturday night.

It didn't arrive. They said Tuesday. It didn't arrive. They said the truck broke down. They said Friday. It didn't arrive.

Maybe today? 

Or "Manana" ... and, remember, "manana" doesn't always mean tomorrow.

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