Day of the Dead is Past, but ...

... the memories linger on.

Cemeteries are still full of the good things delivered to graves for Day of the Dead (November 2).

You'll find cigarets, tequila bottles and remnants of the deceased's favorite foods. Even places where the living relatives and friends had barbecues or picnics. The souls of the dead arrived to join the celebrations, of course, by following the trail and the smell of marigolds.

But you'll also discover that florists and other stores must have sold thousands and thousands of bouquets of plastic flowers on a stick, each bouquet encased in see-through plastic bubbles of cellophane. 

I wonder if folks were really supposed to remove the plastic before putting the flowers on the graves? And if most were left on, kind of like the plastic people leave on their lampshades?

You even see these flowers along the roadsides, decorating crosses that mark where someone died on the road. 

The roadside markers are generally plain white or concrete crosses, sometimes telling you the person's name. One site near here has 6 or 7 crosses grouped together, with one flower balloon.

I have to say that the most astounding one (I can't think of another word for it) is the one a few miles south of here. It is about a foot and a half or two feet high, with Jesus on the cross. In a plexiglass, cross-shaped box. 

Preserved, I presume, for ever.

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