The Stove in the Hall

Update on blog dated November 17 ... this is stoves, part two. Estufas in Spanish. (I like the word).

The guys never came. 

So we went to the store and upgraded to an even bigger, brighter Bosch. It finally came, they took away the other stove, and we cooked a chicken in it. 

After 55 minutes, we couldn't touch the stove's door or handle or any of the burner controls. They were hot, hot, hot, burning hot, and this Bosch stove bragged about its triple panel, heat protective door.

We asked for our money back. And got it. Two weeks ago today. We promptly took our pesos to another store (Tio Sam, or Uncle Sam when translated) and bought a GE stove. 

Tio Sam's guys installed the stove and put the Bosch in the front hall. And there it remains, despite calls to the store for pickup.

Soon, I'll put a tablecloth over it and use it for a Christmas tree stand. And enjoy a Christmas turkey in my new GE.

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