A Hot Christmas Gift

Christmas Pinata

The little boy next door gave Curt a lollipop yesterday.

Called elote, meaning corn, the sucker part was shaped like an ear of corn and covered with ... hot chili pepper! Inside was a strawberry sucker.

And, inside of that ... covering the stick ... more chili pepper.

We won't put one in our grand daughter's pinata. No, we'll stick to candy canes and Hershey kisses and some peppermints, too.

The pinata couldn't be better! Hand made just for us, it is a beautiful white burro, about three feet tall, with bright Christmas ribbons around its neck. Curt is hanging it over the hall where she can smash away with abandon until the donkey breaks open and the goodies fall out.

Christmas tree? No. A Christmas palm. Curt strung lights up the trunks of the five palms in the middle of the patio and the effect is beautiful!

Christmas gifts? For the grandchildren, sure. But our gift this year is having our son and his family travel to Mexico to celebrate with us.

Merry Christmas to all! Or, feliz navidad!

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