Nothing died in the kitchen today

No, nothing died in the kitchen today.

The bees seemed to have stopped for a day or two. How long do they live, anyway? And, why the kitchen? Why not the bedroom? dining room? Why are all the little bodies littering the kitchen counters?

I try to catch them by letting them climb onto the blade of a knife. Then, I flick them out the window. But I think the same ones keep coming back, just to die in the kitchen. 

Yesterday, it was a spider. Not just a spider, but a SPIDER. We found it in the sink, body bigger than a silver dollar. We drowned it. 

There are the tiny tiny ants that we have learned to just smash with a finger if they dare walk by. And we spray the garden for flies, ticks, whatever is out there.

Would living things in the kitchen be better? Like the frog? The jungle frog hiding behind the microwave? How did he get there? How does a frog jump onto a kitchen counter?

At least the crabs didn't get into the kitchen. One fell into the pool, poor fellow, and drowned. But nothing in the kitchen. Friends have them marching right in the front door and out the back. They're coming out of their holes, heading for the sea where they'll make more crabs. And nothing gets in their way.

We've been warned about the scorpions, so have learned to check our shoes and beds before getting in. So far, no scorpions. They say if you have crickets you won't have scorpions. Unfortunately, I found out that the noises I thought came from crickets came from the geckoes. So maybe we will find scorpions.

I think we have a lot to learn about living in the jungle -- the northernmost jungle in this continent, a 100 mile stretch of jungle -- and the creatures we share it with. 

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