Buying at the front door

You can buy almost anything here without leaving the house.

The ice cream guy, my favorite, with his car outfitted with coolers and a sound track running. Always a choice of three flavors ... maybe nut, vanilla and something for the kids, like bubblegum flavor.

Of course, all the peddlers have sound tracks running. Either you identify the music or the words tell you what's for sale.

The knife sharpener walks around, with a whistle to tell you he is near.

The garbage guys ring a cowbell to tell you to get the garbage to the curb now.

But everyone else seems to have a sound track.

At the front door, you can buy shrimp, beautiful plump giant shrimp. Fresh of course. Eighty pesos (less than eight USDollars) for a kilogram (2.2 pounds). Or, you can buy cerviche, a combination of raw, marinated seafood.

Or, furniture. Beds and dressers, chairs, tables.

Lots of vegetables. I think I've found two different men, always men selling it seems, driving by the house selling the freshest fruits and vegetables imaginable. At least one of them comes by twice a day, morning and night.

Two propane companies, arriving early in the morning. Soni-gas, with a jingle that repeats and repeats and repeats (why don't the drivers eventually go nuts listening to it day after day?), arrives just after 7 a.m. Flo-gas follows closely behind.

And clothes. I've even seen a panel truck loaded with clothes (lots for kids) driving up and down our streets.

There's the ice cream truck now ...

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