Why tercera edad?

Why Tercera edad for the title of this page? Because, it sounds better than saying "old people."

Tercera edad is the "third age," meaning those 60 or older. You can figure out the math, I hope ... 0 to 30, 30 to 60, then tercer edad. (I don't know about the fourth age.)

Sometimes, some places, you get special parking spaces. Among the spaces marked for the handicapped and the pregnant, you'll find spaces close to the door of a store marked for those of us in the third age. Tercer edad.

Sounds better than "old people," doesn't it!

As does jubilada, instead of "retired woman." Or, jubilado, for "retired man. Or, retirado, another option.

I once referred to someone as being viejo, or old, and was politely reminded that we don't use that word for people, only objects, if we want to be polite.

Ahhh, Spanish. It sounds good. And we're working on learning more.


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