A black market ... in babies

My favorite pediatrician is in Puerto Vallarta. Now, obviously, I don't have a baby, but I have a young friend with a baby.

When I took her and the baby to the doctor for his two month checkup, the doctor not only examined, weighed, and measured the baby, but gave the mother a list of things she should be doing for her baby at that age.

Most were pretty simple ... spend time singing to the baby ... talk to the baby ... put pictures around his crib so he has something to look at and think about ... hang a mobile. 

And ... don't throw the baby up in the air.

The doctor noted that the baby should be smiling and holding his head up at this age.

So far, so good. Everything was in Spanish, but I understood everything. Except the last line.

"IMPORTANTE: No descidar a su nino pueden secuestrarlo."

That, the doctor said, means "don't leave your baby with someone you don't know very well. They could kidnap it. And you will never see him again."

This ties in with a recent story out of San Miguel de Allende, where a woman took a baby out of a stroller at the new mall and took off with him. She grabbed a taxi and ordered the cabbie to go to Mexico City, but the cab was stopped because someone saw the kidnapping, got the license plate number and the police arrived in time to save the baby. 

A black market in babies. Something you don't think about very often.

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