More about stoves, pinatas, cats, geckoes, roosters, the frog & more

So where, someone asked, is the stove? Still in the hall?

No, I didn't have to cover it with a tablecloth and call it a Christmas tree stand afterall. The store, finally, came for it and we are now thoroughly enjoying our GE.

The geckoes? Can't find any this month. Maybe they hibernate, or sleep, when it's cooler. Frogs, too? Since our frog, that comes to the kitchen, my office and front hall, can't be found either.

Our ladron, thief Chica, has outdone her self. She got into Curt's closet, stole all his socks, and gave them to the dog. Oro ate parts of all of them, even the Christmas socks.

The roosters are still next door. Even more of them. Unfortunately (for the roosters) they are for sale. I can only guess what end they will meet. The sign in Sayulita says "cockfights every Sunday."

We can buy even more at the front door now ... we added chairs and empanadas, this week.

And the pinata, the beautiful burro-ito. We finally realized it wouldn't be too cool to have our three-year-old grandaughter watch us beat it to pieces. So we dumped it upside down to free all the candy.

And now you know ... the rest of the story.

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