Meat, Real Meat

Call it the luck of the Irish ... or the luck of Saint Patrick's Day. We actually got a real piece of corned beef that day!

Now all you of U.S. supermarket users may not think this a big deal. But, it is.

Here is Mexico the pork and chicken are the best we've ever eaten. But beef? Uh, uh. Never bought a good piece yet.

So, imagine walking into a butcher shop on Saint Patrick's Day and having the butcher pull a piece right out of the briney bucket! Okay, the price was a little high, but maybe US prices match it by now. I don't know.

And, that's not all!

He had just slaughtered three lambs and had lamb for sale (another rarity). Of course we had a loin cut into lamb chops for my birthday.

And, corned beef and lamb are back on the menu.

Along with some other great cuts of beef. The place is Carne del Mundo, Meat of the World, in Bucerias, Jalisco State, Mexico.

The butcher is our new best friend!

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