Buns, Butts, Bellies

Two bobcats fighting in a burlap bag.

That's what my father used to call large human rear ends stuffed into too small pants.

There are a lot of bobcats around these parts.

I don't know why, but people -- Mexicans and Americans -- around San Miguel de Allende were generally not fat. In fact, you seldom saw a really chunky person.

But here, is it the warm weather? the lazy life along the beach? is it too hot to cook so you just snack? I don't know why. But there are a lot of large people wearing clothes that they shouldn't. These clothes are tight. Seriously tight. Spandex tight.

I hesitate to say "fat" because the Society for the Protection of Fat People won't like it. But, damn, these people are fat.

Adult women, just like the slender female teens, jam themselves into stretch pants and jeans, as if they were a size six. I don't know how they get in, and I don't know how they get out.

The favorite tops are camisoles, or strapless tops, with bra straps showing, or tops that show off bare midriffs. Fat bare midriffs. Women who should know better, Mexicans and gringos alike, buy and wear the new fashion, low waist pants. Which leave major bulges above! And those bobcats with even less space to fight in.

Mini skirts. Mini, mini skirts. Yesterday, in the hardware store, a middle aged, maybe 40, woman came in wearing a low slung, very mini, maybe 10 inch, mini skirt. So low that her "crack" showed in back.

Men? Hair shirts for the men, a sleeveless thing adopted by even some of the gringos, who also should know better. But then, a lot of these gringo guys are trying to look like, or really are, aging hippies. Ponytails and beards and grunge.

But, it seems that as women's clothes get tighter, the guys' clothing gets looser. Huge colorful beachy looking pants, with huge t-shirts on top. Not a bad look. But the younger guys, try to imitate US styles when it comes to jeans. Really loose, baggy jeans. I've seen more sagging pants, with the undies showing above, in the past three months than I've seen in my whole life.

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