It's Time to Say Goodbye

Goodbye. What else can I say?


And thank you.

Next Wednesday morning, New Year's Day, I'll still be your State Representative. When I go to bed Wednesday night, I won't be.

I really don't think I like the word "retirement." So, let's just say that I'm retiring from public life.

It's time for me to step down as your State Representative after four terms, eight years. Eight years that I've enjoyed. 

I never expected my career to turn to politics, after more than three decades in the media. It did, however, and I am the richer for it. Not in a monetary way, I hasten to add, but richer for having many wonderful experiences.

But, for now, I am indeed leaving public service and public life. It's time, after eight years in office, to let someone else handle the job.

I'm rather, sort of, maybe looking forward to being just an everyday sort of person, as opposed to being an elected official. 

After all, I am retiring voluntarily. It's something I've chosen to do. So, I am happy.

But, at the same time, I'm sad, because it's been an honor to work for my constituents, and the job has given me experiences, allowed me to meet people, that I otherwise might have missed.

From dancing at gubernatorial inaugurations and hiking through snowy forests to replace radio collars on hibernating bears to filing legislation and helping people solve the problems they have with state government, I've enjoyed it all.

Let me offer a few thank yous.

Thank you to the people of Montgomery and Westfield. Thank you for letting me be your State Representative. And for sending me to Beacon Hill-three of the four times without opposition!

I have to thank my aides - Tim Cheever, Carla Moran and John Carlstrom. Without you three, I couldn't have done it all.

And, thank you, of course, to the Speaker of the House, without whom I would have accomplished little.

Thank you to everyone in the clerk's office…the pages…our court officers. 

Thank you to my colleagues, who have taught me more than I would have learned in any classroom. I will miss my friends, on both sides of the aisle. Thank you for your kindnesses, your assistance, and your good humor.

When I was first elected, in 1994, I had never been inside our beautiful State House. I think I had walked by once.

The day after my first election, Representative Mary Rogeness from Longmeadow invited me to go into the State House with her. That day I was in awe of the job and in awe of the building.

I still am in awe today. Every time I enter the State House, I am thrilled to be there. I know that I am a small part of this state's fabulous history. 

Yes, I will miss the building, the job, and all of you. It's been an honor to serve.

Many have asked what are you going to do?

I won't be going on to another government position, or a high paying job, or even another career. I'm retiring from public life.

I plan to spend more time with Curt, my husband of 36 years, and our children, Cathy and Chris, and their spouses, Jonathan and Jen, and our grandson Aidan.

For now…Goodbye! And Happy New Year.

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