I'm Still Proud to Represent Westfield

It’s been eight great years.

And, I’m just as proud to represent Westfield today as I was eight years ago.

I’m also proud to be able to say that I served in the Massachusetts Legislature, the nation’s oldest continuously operating legislative body.

Therefore, I was a bit distressed to hear another Representative, who is also spending his last months in office, say that the Legislature is a “repository for underachievers.”

I don’t think so. I don’t think that any of my predecessors were underachievers. Those I knew at least. Steve Pierce, Mike Knapik. And, hey, me!

This has been a new career, a new opportunity, after other careers, other paths. A lot to learn and a lot to enjoy. Soon, it will be time to move on, to make room for another Representative for the Fourth Hampden District. Come January someone new will represent you in Boston.

But as I pondered what to write about this Labor Day Weekend, I looked at some of my columns from other years. And, one, basically just a list, reminded me that I am still proud to represent Westfield and proud of my adopted city.

From the quiet of Stanley Park to the thousands who attend Taste of the World. From the ethnic church picnics to the Veterans ceremonies in Parker Park. Amelia Park.

The Athenaeum, and Children's Library. And the Kiwanis auction. Rotary luncheons.

The Children's Museum. And youth baseball, Babe Ruth, and Little League. Especially the 1,500-kid Little League parade. High school football games and Fourth of July fireworks. Concerts.

Fourth of July parades in Wyben and Hampton Ponds. Take Back the Night.

Noble Hospital ball and the All Westfield Ball. Memorial Day parade. Veterans Day at Apremont Park.

The Sparkplugs Pancake Breakfast on the green, and four Chamber breakfasts a year. Being elected president—the first woman president—of the Chamber.

Barnes Airport. Auto show at Barnes. New mess hall and the arrival of helicopters at the Air National Guard.

Westfield State College and its schedule of sports, cultural, musical and social events. Graduation under the tent. Even if you don't know anyone.

Good lunches at Westfield Voke. The fishing derby at the Westfield Sportsmans Club. Trick and treating. Westfield Day at the Big E.

The Westfield Theater Group presentations. Westfest in May. Taste of the World in August. Stanley Park's concerts every Sunday during the summer.

Camp Shepard. Kamp for Kids. The Boys and Girls Club. The YMCA. Shaker and Tekoa and East Mountain.

St. John's sauerkraut suppers, church picnics, St. Joseph's fall festival. The Strawberry Festival.

St. Patrick's Day at the Sons of Erin. Whip City Speedway. Center of Hope.

Interfaith services. And, community Thanksgiving services too. Western Hampden Historical Society meetings and Grange Hall suppers. Citizens Scholarship Award ceremony.

Red Cross person of the year and auction evening. Cub Scout flag raising ceremonies for Flag Day. The Veterans programs in the schools. Eagle Scouts.

Council on Aging. Noble Hospital's health programs. Grandmother's Garden. Wildriver Water Canoe races. Bicycle races. Winding River Land Conservancy.

The Westfield Fair. Meetings of the Democratic City Committee and the Republican City Committee. Abe Lincoln Day breakfast. Political campaigns.

Elks, Eastern Star, League of Women Voters, AA, Overeaters Anonymous, Toastmasters, Womans Club and a few hundred others.

Our new businesses, and our old standbys.

You can send me your list of favorites, too.

I'm proud to represent Westfield.

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