An Open Letter to Carla

Dear Carla,

Today is a very special day for you. Your wedding day. And it makes me think about our times together for the past five years.

First, Curt and I want to wish you and George many happy years together. He's a great guy and, sensibly, you've gotten to know each other for several years.

Sensible. That is one of the things I like about you best. You consider the facts, sort them out and then make a decision. Using good old-fashioned common sense.

Carla, it is very reassuring to someone in my generation to see a 20-something employing common sense. It's refreshing. And that, perhaps, is one of the reasons that I've enjoyed working with you so much.

As my senior legislative aide in Boston, you have become an indispensable asset to my office. No State Representative I know has anyone of your caliber. You are smart. You are knowledgeable. And most of all, you are caring. The fact that you've got caring parents is probably where you learned that skill. Being the oldest of five sisters and the first to get married puts you in the "big sister" role, too.

You know how to resolve problems and get answers. You are diligent. You never give up. Often my constituents in Westfield and Montgomery are unaware of how much your hard work helps solve their problems. I usually get the credit. Truth is, most of it should go to you.

You know, I've been really fortunate to have you at my side in the State House. My first aide, John Carlstrom, helped get me through that freshman term and I thought I'd never find someone to fill his shoes. Then you came along. Almost two years ago, Tim Cheever joined the staff. I'm happy to say he respects you and has quickly become a vital member of our team.

Oh yes, I remember. You found me.

After you graduated from the University of New Hampshire with a degree in political science, you were in the graduate program for Women in Politics and Government at UMass/Boston. You had to find an internship, so you read the bios of all the Representatives. Then, you called me to announce that you'd decided to work for me. Sight unseen. And I didn't even know I was looking for an intern!

I'm glad I took you up on your offer. Your insight into how we might work together was right on target. And I think your longevity in my office beats 99 percent of all others in similar positions in the State House.

I want you to know that I hope you will to continue to be a vital part of my legislative efforts in the years to come.

As you and George begin your new life together today, may God bless your marriage and bring you happiness in the years to come. When your Dad walks you down the aisle this afternoon, I know your Mom and sisters will have tears in their eyes.

I just wanted you to know that your boss will be shedding tears of joy too.

With much love,


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