Did I Remember to Tell You About...

About the number of AIDs cases in Westfield? The answer is 35. Another 106 Westfield residents are HIV-positive.

About the pounds of food distributed to Westfield by the Food Bank of Western Massachusetts? Last year, 109,165 pounds.

About the growing moose population? Two moose sighted 30 miles apart and 10 days apart might just be the same moose. So the state is starting to count moose, with radio collars like they use to count the bear population. It's guesstimated that there are 150 to 200 moose in Massachusetts at any one time.

About what our veterans want? Their top requests this year include defining a veteran to include all individuals who served on active duty for 90 days or more, increasing the amount of money that can be paid to bury a poor veteran from $1100 to $2000, and providing 75 percent reimbursement for each city and town for the cost of decorating veterans graves each Memorial Day.

About why our cities and towns decorate the graves? Because it's mandated by law.

About the campaign to outlaw the delivery of alcoholic beverages through the mail or by UPS or Fedex? The reason is to keep underage drinkers from getting booze. But wine connoisseurs say it'll keep them from the products they like to sample, as well.

About the fact that you'll be spending $1-Million of your money (read tax money) to fund every candidate for Governor if the so-called Clean Elections Law passes. And that's just for the general election. You'll spend another $1.5-million for each candidate in the primary.

About the number of drivers under 17 that are involved in collisions? It's 46 percent. And, motor vehicle crashes are the leading cause of death nationwide for people 15 to 24.

About other causes of death of teens? In order, from most to least, it's motor vehicle crashes (31 percent), homicide (20%) suicide (14%), diseases (14%), other injuries (9%), other accidents (7%) and AIDs (2%).

About the land John Hancock's heirs provided? It was called the "Governor's Pasture" and it's where the "Bullfinch Front" of the State House stands now, and it was donated May 2, 1795.

About the Children's Medical Security Plan? Every child, 18 and under, in Massachusetts can receive health coverage at little or no cost. If you know a child without insurance, call 800/909-2677.

About legislation I've sponsored to prohibit leaving an unattended child under 12 in a motor vehicle?

About the only three women from Massachusetts to serve in the U. S. House of Representatives? Margaret Heckler, 1967-83; Louise Day Hicks, 1971-73; and Edith Nourse Rogers, 1925-60..

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