Just Sorting My Mail

Just one day. One day.

And I got 102 identical postcards. That’s 102! Titled "Councils on Aging–the Best Prescription." They all want $8.3-million for senior citizens centers.

What else did I get that day? In just one day?

Invitations! To the annual meeting of Western Mass Emergency Medical Services’ Committee. To the Massachusetts Trial Court’s Legislative Day. To the PVTA’s legislative reception To a legislative briefing on micro-enterprises and small business. To the Woman’s Research Forum.

To a rally for the Coalition for the Homeless. A photo exhibit entitled "China: Stop Persecution of Woman and Children." (I think they meant women, by the way.) To a fact finding dinner with the Mass Auto Body Association. To a roast for another Representative. A lunch with the Mass Bankers Association.

Best of all? An invitation to Sheriff Ashes’ St. Patrick’s Day Party.

A lot of people want a lot of money. For example–in just one day–two letters asking for enough money to keep the Holyoke Creative Arts Center open. (And an invitation to visit the center.) Money–some $858,000 for assertive technology for people with severe disabilities and 6-million more for independent living centers, and $693,000 for elder blind services.

More money. For legal assistance, children and youth programs, housing and homeless shelters.

Same day. Five letters objecting to helicopters at Barnes. For various reasons, including possible disruption of cattle, effect on a nursing home and on a school for dyslexic students, toddlers awakened from naps, windows vibrating, and loud and lingering sounds.

In the miscellaneous category. A letter outlining the Medicare options, and the new pharmacy program. The newsletter of the Massachusetts Commission on the Status of Women. The schedule of all State House meetings for the week.

Unread, but received. Three computer catalogs, newsletters from NAHRO (I don’t know), the National Neurofibromatoisis Foundation, the U Mass Lowell Research Department and At Home with Mass Home Care, a Newspaper with the Headline "How Feminists Destabilized Marriage in Massachusetts,"an office furniture catalog, and reports from the Worcester Foundation for Biomedical research and the U-Mass Medical School. 

Also, Construction Journal, Boston Transportation News, the New Federalist and the Business Educators Newsletter. 

Legislative briefs on violence against people and pets, state funding for the arts, funding for low income energy assistance, founding for school-based violence prevention, state and federal zoning of religious land, and insurance privacy.

Information from the Massachusetts Sport Partnership, on financial assistance for cities for purchase of conservation land or parkland.

Dumbest? A postcard from the Red Lobster chain offering me "Best Wishes as You Begin the 2001 legislative session."

What else? The schedule of the "Hunchback of Notre Dame" performances at the Boston Ballet, a notice that the House will debate the death penalty this coming Monday, an introductory letter from the new Massachusetts liaison from the National Conference of State Legislatures, and an explanation on how the Talking Book Library works.

Thank you letters from Abilities Unlimited and U-Mass Amherst, two job applications, a memo on office practices,

And, the shoes I ordered.

Just one day. And now, I’ll check my e-mail and telephone messages.

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