Questions from the Hill and Other Places

Do cats know they're seeing their own reflection when they look in a mirror?

What do you think about the death penalty?

Does a ban on guns concern you?

Did you know it costs the MBTA $95 an hour to operate its buses, compared with $30 to $40 for private routes in Chicago, Dallas and Philadelphia?

Can you define privitization?

If you work for an educational or cultural group, will you be at the Mass Cultural Council's explanation of how to apply for funds this coming Tuesday, October 28, at 5 p.m. in the Tower Square Community Room in Springfield?

Do you think that we really will save money on our utility bills under deregulation?

How much money would you save if the legislature decreases the personal income tax from 5.95 to 5 percent?

Have you checked the batteries in your smoke detector this month?

Do you know the name of the new Westfield State College president?

Is it his responsibility or the city's responsibility to keep the off campus population under control?

The 104th Fighter Wing of the Air National Guard celebrated an anniversary last week--did you know they're 50 years old?

Why did I feel like it was May Day in Moscow on the Air National Guard reviewing stand?

Why don't we have fireworks in October more often?

Did you know that the Westfield Kiwanis Club is older than the Air National Guard by 25 years?

Do you know how many chicken dinners one person can eat in a year?

Doesn't the fact that 69 percent of the income of nonprofit groups in Massachusetts comes from state contracts and other public funding, make you wonder if these groups have any support of the regular citizen?

Would you support campaign reform, if the state mandated you, personally, pay money to all candidates that step forward to run for public office?

What part of the state budget would you cut in order to have state funds pay for running for office?

Come to think of it, is it a good idea at all?

How much do you think it costs to run for State Rep? Senator? Governor?

Do you remember going Trick and Treating?

Why did I capitalize that?

Where do you get most of your news?

Do you know any of this year's Women of Distinction?

Will you join me in wishing my daughter, who is 29 today, a happy birthday?

Did you know there are state legislators younger than she is?

Why did she marry a bagpiper?

Why did I marry a bassoonist?

Are you willing to pay to use ATM machines?

Can you believe the drop in gas prices?

What does it mean when your computer screen flashes, telling you to convert your AICK because of an OSA error?

What would you like to read about in the column?

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