Official Stuff - The State Cookie

I don't think it has any competition, so it looks like the chocolate chip cookie will soon become the official cookie of the Commonwealth of Massachusetts.

After all, the chocolate chip cookie was invented in Massachusetts. Remember the Toll House?

I suppose you could nominate a cranberry nut cookie, or maple syrup cookie, but no one has. So, it looks like the chocolate chip cookie will take it's place along Massachusetts other official things.

Like the official dog. The Boston terrier, of course. Or cat, the Tabby Cat. The Morgan horse. The corn muffin. The wild turkey. The cod. Cranberry juice. Cranberries are the official berry.

We even have an official bean--the baked navy bean.

Massachusetts goes right down to an official bug, the ladybug. And, the official folk dance is square dancing.

There's more. The mayflower, the American Elm, and the chicadee are our official flowers, trees and birds. (The aforementioned wild turkey is the official game bird, you see.) The right whale is the marine mammal of choice, and dinosaur tracks are the official fossils.

Rhodonite is the gem, Babingtonite is the mineral. (No, I never heard of it either.) The historical rock is Plymouth Rock, not to be confused with the official explorer rock, the Dighton rock, or the official monument stone, granite.

The New England neptune is the shell. Our official soil is the Paxton soil series. (Ask a geologist.)

"All Hail to Massachusetts" by Arthur Marsh is the official song of the Commonwealth. "Massachusetts, Because of You Our Land is Free," by Bernard Davidson, is the official patriotic song. "The Road to Boston" is the official ceremonial march song, but nobody knows who wrote it.

Our official heroine is Deborah Sampson who fought in the War of Independence.

If you live here, you are, officially, a Bay Stater.

Now, if there's something that you want to make official, go for it. This is the only state in the country where every citizen has the right to submit legislation. And legislation is what it takes to make your favorite take its place next to the chocolate chip cookie.

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